Brit’s Keep Buying Despite Brexit

Spanish Website Kyero reports that British Interest in Spanish Property is still very strong

Will It Effect you?

The answer is no – it seems British buyers have a ‘Keep Calm and Carry on’ approach at the moment, despite the mayhem in the UK – Politically and with the Currency, it seems everyone is digging deep, and carrying on with their aim to get a property abroad.

Kyero reported that british interest was still strong, and that this has been carrying on through the month of May and flowing into June quite nicely, however there was a slight stand still just before and after the election results, however this could have been due to the instability of the Pound against the Euro.

Although with the Conservatives losing alot of Ground to Labour during the elections, this could of also put quite a few buyers off buying abroad for the time being, or perhaps for a few weeks during the cool-off period.

What do Portals say?

Kyero based their findings off Visits and Searches, although other partner agent websites have had similar findings – along the Catalonian coastline and down towards the Costa Del Sol – our Partner Agents have retained a large flow of buyers from the UK, despite the elections and article 50.

The Kyero Head of Research said: “With Prime Minister May emphasizing how slow the Brexit process is going to be, with the UK being hostage to the negotiation cycle, it seems that Brits are happy to take a ‘keep calm and carry on’ approach to buying homes in Spain,”

“Interest has slowed, but is far from going into reverse – in fact, British visitors to have increased by 30.2% over the past year.”

During this Summer period, Resort Worldwide Properties has had an influx of Visitors, with many enquiring for the Canary islands, as this has become a huge favourite amongst british buyers – for Rental Potential and the Gorgeous island mentality.

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