10 Incredible Reasons to move to the Costa del Sol

The Costa Del Sol Life!

If sea, sun, sand is what you need in life then the hot, picturesque Costa del Sol with plenty of hidden gems is the region for you!

From extensive coastlines overlooked by beautiful landscapes, cliffs and bays to top-notch golf courses and weekend getaways at sea. Costa del Sol has something for everyone.

Here are 10 reasons you should make the move today:

1. The Weather

Improve your quality of life in the sun! In Costa del Sol the average temperature throughout the year is 18.5 C and it has over 300 days of sunshine. The area around Marbella has the best climate in mainland Europe and in July temperatures reach over 30 C! So remember to pack your shorts, sunnies and suncream and prepare to relax on a beautiful beach.

2. Music and Festivals

Costa del Sol has a number concerts and festivals for all music lovers. Ranging from intimate concerts to large, popular outdoor festivals. So if music is your kind of thing moving to this amazing region will put you right on the doorstep of these great events.

3. Culture

This region isn’t short of culture including Roman Theatres, El Tajo de Ronda gorges and ravines (see picture below), museums and the Balcony of Europe. Why travel hundreds of miles to experience it all for a short holiday when you can immerse yourself into the culture. Swot up on historical knowledge and impress your friends!

4. Food

The region has a great selection of restaurants and food suitable to all tastes. Typical dishes include fresh fish, vegetables and soups (most typically tomato and garlic). Even the best restaurants in the region are very reasonably priced costing between £10 – £20 for an amazing feast.

5. The People

The locals are super friendly and inviting and as increasingly more people are moving to the city across a wide range of ages there is an abundance of people to meet. Mostly intercultural meaning that even if you don’t speak Spanish you can have a great social life. It isn’t just people looking for sun that make the most many industrial professionals and young families are opting for a change of pace and lifestyle. Why not join in!

6. Amazing Beaches

With 159 kilometres of coastline, the Costa del Sol is full of Blue Flag beaches. The Blue Flag award is given to the best quality beaches in Spain and Costa del Sol has over 20 beaches with this award. All are prestige with many facilities so it’s time to go and work on your tan, maybe try out all of them!?

7. Shopping

For when you’ve maybe tanned a bit too much theres always the shopping! Costa del Sol is home to some of the best shopping areas in all of Spain. From more expensive Puerto Banus to more quaint shopping in Old Town in Marbella and lovely fresh food markets there’s a little bit for everyone and every need and every season.

8. Amusement

On days off there is plenty of things to entertain yourself with. No other move will put you on the doorstep. Adventures you can have include cable car rides, trips to the zoo or aquarium, water sports centres of theme parks. What ever tickles your fancy there will be in your new home, Costa del Sol!

9. Medical

And if you’re having a bit too much fun you’re never far away from media care. With great private and public hospitals and clinic enjoy your new home to it’s fullest potential

10. Ready to make the move to the Costa del Sol?

What’s stopping you from making your move today?? It’s time for a change! Find the perfect property in the Costa del Sol and start your new adventure. All that’s left after that is to pack your bags and head off to the sun.

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