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New Zealand Guide

Amazing, Incredible, Beautiful...

Just the few words used to describe...

The Country of New Zealand is truly one of the most Photogenic and picturesque places on the planet.

The country is made up of two major land masses – North Island and South Island, mixed in with a few smaller islands, one of these being Stewart Island. The small nation is made up of just over 4.5 million, bringing in hundreds of thousands of tourists a year.

The country is famous for some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes, vast mountain ranges, sweeping coastlines and steaming volcanoes – the island is very much alive and well!

It is the perfect place for adventurers, thrill seekers, those who simply just want to explore the beautiful landscapes, and understand the culture and history of the island and its inhabitants – oh, and don’t forget hobbiton for those who enjoy Lord of The Rings.


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The Kiwi Lifestyle

If you’re finding a place to have work and life balance themselves out, well – you have found the right place!

The 2017 Expat Explorer Survey ranked New Zealand 6th in the World for Work-Life balance, and 1st for quality of life! Overall the survey voted the country 3rd most popular place on earth for expats to live and work.

But Why? – The easy going ways, low crime rates, uncrowded communities and compact workplaces all mean life’s generally almost stress free! Most migrants find the reality actually extends their expectations, which leads to them staying the long-term and buying rather than heading home.

Oh, and if you like coffee – Wellington is one the world’s 8 great coffee cities.

New Zealand gives you the room to breathe, especially in an urban Apartment or Townhouse with a great back-garden. Alternatively you could go further afield and live by the sea or get close to nature in rural open spaces.

Smaller country, less crowded cities and towns – making life so much easier when travelling or going to work! Expect to leave home and arrive at work on time, and arrive back with alot of time to kill!



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