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Portugal Guide

Interested in owning your very own property in Portugal ?

Portugal is one of Europe’s most popular for purchasing property and visited countries due to its affordable travel cost, idyllic climate and exceptional and beautiful attractions – making Portugal Property some of the most sort after in Europe.

The country has a vast amount of beauty, attractions and history that attracts tourist each year. North Portugal is known for it’s famous wine, incredible Douro valley region and its greenery – including cities such as Porto.

Portugal is also famous for it’s well known region of the Algarve – known for it’s golden sandy beaches, climate and sports and leisure opportunities – all mixed in with the beautiful enviroment, which remains unspoiled.

The country is one of the best countries for purchasing a property, it has transparent clear tax rules and also offers the facilities to gain residence permits, all part of new legal provisions, which in the end looks to attract many more foreign investors. The country additionally includes a special regime for non-habitual residents, which again is aimed at attracting foreign investors through a very appealing income tax rate.
Portugal was also named 18th most peaceful country in the world, this was out of a sample of 162 countries (global peace index).

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Why choose Portugal ?

The weather, certainly a big reason why Portugal property is so popular – the further you head to the south of the country the hotter the summers, and if you like it seriously hot where you bake, head away from the coastline and into the gorgeous interior of Portugal, there you’ll cook!

The countries coastline is beautiful. Portugal lies on the Atlantic and can sometimes be hit by dramatic storms usually in the winter but can be quite rare, resulting in stunning cliff and rock formations along the coastline. When the winter has passed, the summertimes leaves beautiful beaches all the way up the coastline and places to be explored and enjoyed.

Another reason why Portugal property is so popular is because the country has some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Porto is one of these due to its world famous production of fine port wine, the city is very busy and sprawls alongside the lovely hills – almost picturesque overlooking Douro River in the north of Portugal. At the heart of this stunning city is the pedestrian zone, the Ribeira, cafes, buzzing in live music, restaurants and street vendors, a real atmospheric place on the river. Another popular destination is Lisbon, the gorgeous capital of Portugal – this is home to some of the world’s modern fashions, entertainment and stunning art. A real destination of warm lovely weather, quaint shops, large Gothic cathedrals, colourful neighbourhoods and impressive bridges. Algarve, Obidos, Madeira, Sintra – and many more beautiful villages and cities in Portugal.

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