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The Overseas Property Market Overview 2018

01st September 2018

The eagerly anticipated Overseas Property Market Overview for 2018

Which Country takes this years Top Spot?

It’s a fresh new year, a fresh start and perhaps the perfect time to begin searching for your dream property abroad – whether you’re looking for a second home, a vacation home, looking to retire or perhaps to start a new life.

Last year buyers feared the worst due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit, however 2017 proved very promising for the overseas property market, and for many more than anticipated. Recent reports and statistics show that British nationals are not only desiring a second home, but British buyers are also proceeding with their overseas property purchases and no longer standing still whilst staring at the currency market. For British Nationals Spain continues to be the front-running destination worldwide.


A recent report published by Spain’s office of National Statistics – Registradores de Espana – the report highlights the overseas property market across 2017, and how influential British buyers were to the market.

The market took notice to British Nationals activity, during Q3 – not only did buyers from the United Kingdom account for more property purchases than any other foreign nationals, but to the shock of the market – it was almost double the numbers of the second country of interest, France.

Data gathered from our partners and international portals also reinforced this unforeseen quantity of desire amongst brits to own a home abroad during uncertainty.

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