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The Trump Effect on International Real Estate

12th February 2018

From Real Estate tycoon to the most powerful man in the world – Donald Trump looks to take the US Presidents Hot seat, with several scandalous comments to potentially racial slurs, we ask if Trump will have any major effect on the International Real Estate Market.

The Beginning

Donald Trump has spent a large portion of his life building upon his father’s Real Estate Legacy, of whom made his fortunes building and selling housing for American soldiers and their families in World War II.

Trump came onto the Real Estate scene in the 1980s – making his first successful investments in the Manhattan market, before transitioning to self-marketing in the 1990’s. In the process buying; beauty pageants, fashion lines, television shows and football teams – although, with every investment ‘The Donald’ became infused with that specific brand. Donald Trump built his wealth on not only good investments and practice, but on his own image and the fact that his name was Donald Trump.

Many believed if Trump took office; the stock markets would crash, the dollar would plummet, the world would begin hating America and much more!
Although, the complete opposite occurred with the American media dropping into reverse to make up for the embarrassing statements made.

Successful Businessman to President

Months before election day – the polls, the media, the public and most of the world was convinced that Hillary Clinton would win. They saw Donald as a sexist, racist and downright lunatic, however it seems the American public viewed Donald in a different light to what the world believed.

When Donald was elected; the Dollar soared, the stock markets rallied and it pushed Europe to follow suit – for change. Small political parties across Europe saw this as a chance to stand up to the current government in power, with the Euro zone already in tatters after Britain’s referendum –experts began to believe that Donald Trump and Brexit was just the start of something bigger.

What happens to the Eurozone?

It’s difficult to say, however, with Donald Trump looking very volatile in regards to current trade pacts and standard political thinking – Though, many suggest that this could be a large indication of a change of time across the European Union, as far-right movements are gaining large backing amongst the public within several different European Countries.

There is a large possibility that the Euro could depreciated over the coming months – we shall see the true result when Donald Trump is officially in office, and has become the US president.

Worldwide Property Market influences

Trumps win brings a business man and a property industry leader to the White House for the first time in US history. Experts suggest that the presidential elect will no-doubt have a pro-property and pro-real
estate thinking behind his deals.

Many believe, after the soaring dollar and rallying stock markets – the greatest benefit will be seen in the luxury real estate markets not only in the US but internationally. Since the election, American buyers have expanded their buying potential, with many choosing London (Mayfair and West End) neighborhoods due to the depreciated pound.

As the British turn away from the European Union, it opens up the incredible possibility of a new US and UK trade deal – and the US aren’t the only ones buying due to the potential trade agreement. Reports suggest that there has been a large increase in British buyers looking at New York, L.A and Miami.

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